My conservation path started in Mauritius, a paradise island for some but just home for me… and also a place  with which i maintain a love–hate relationship.

Stories about Dian Fossey and her work on mountain gorillas in National Geographic magazines have geared me towards the conservation field. But that was  more than 15 years ago.

I now have a Master degree in applied ecology and conservation and almost 10 years of experience in the field.  I first worked in Mauritius for a few years, being a 100% ecological nerd, working on biodiversity monitoring, invasive plant control, plant-animal interactions and  habitat restoration in different nature reserves.

But following a life-changing experience in Madagascar in 2011 and realising that contemporary conservation is much more about people than it is about biology, my work has focused on the social aspects of conservation. I have field experiences in Uganda, Madagascar and Tanzania. And more recently, i have worked on global projects  implemented in four regions (Africa, Oceania, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean) promoting ecosystem-based approaches for disaster and climate change resilience.

I am currently back in Mauritius developing my own projects on environmental education. But i still remain a globe trotter at heart.

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