As a creative person, i like to use digital media to tell stories  and increase awareness on environmental issues.  You can find a selection of  the digital contents i produced below:

Newspaper opinion pieces

  • Mauritius versus disasters: Are we on the right track? In Le Mauricien: here
  • The grave of the Mauritius fruit bat is being dug: I challenge anybody to prove otherwise; In Le Mauricien: here
  • Is bat culling in Mauritius an economically smart decision? In Le Mauricien: here


  • 18 000 Mauritian flying foxes: to cull or to treasure? In Africa Geographic: here
  • Vacancy for a new dodo; In TBA alumni blog: here
  • Using psychology in Conservation science; In TBA alumni blog: here
  • Views from the other side; In TBA alumni blog: here

Videos and multimedia articles:

  • Flying foxes in peril- from persecution to reconciliation? : here
  • Mauritius- Listen to the alternatives to bat culling: here
  • Save our Mauritian fruit bat: here
  • This is what we do (Experiences on a field course in Uganda): here
  • Forest conservation- beyond the forest, there’s the people: here